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Evidence base

Information used to help create Islington planning policy documents.


Housing needs study (2008) (PDF)
Impacts of affordable rent study 2011 (PDF)
Islington strategic housing market assessment (2011) (PDF)
Islington student accommodation study (2012) (PDF)
North London strategic housing market assessment (SHMA) (2011) (PDF)


Retail and employment

Islington employment clusters update (2012) (PDF)
Islington employment study (2005) (appendices available on request) (PDF)
Islington employment study (2008) (PDF)
Islington hotels study (2006)  (PDF)
Islington retail study (2005) (PDF)
Islington retail study (2008) (PDF)
Local shopping areas: review and health check (2012) (PDF)
Town centres: review and health check (2012) (PDF)

Environment and energy

Decentralised energy strategy  (PDF)
Habitats directive assessment  (PDF)
Habitats survey (2011) (PDF)
Preliminary flood risk assessment (PDF)
Promoting zero carbon development - PPS1A evidence base (2009) (PDF)
Promoting zero carbon development phase 2 report  (PDF)
Strategic flood risk assessment (2008) (opens in separate page)


Farringdon urban design study (links to separate page)

Tall buildings evidence (2010)  (PDF)


Infrastructure needs assessment (2009) (PDF)

Islington infrastructure delivery plan (2009) - summary, part 1, part 2part 3 



Combined policy viability study (2012) (appendices available on request) (PDF)
Islington affordable housing viability assessment (2009) (appendices available on request) (PDF)
Workspace viability report (2011) (appendices available on request) (PDF)


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