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Disabled parking at the Whittington Hospital

Information on disabled parking spaces near the Whittington hospital

Parking space at the Whittington Hospital is very limited, especially for blue badge holders.

Both Highgate Hill and Magdala Avenue are bus routes which further limits parking space.

There are however some parking spaces on the main streets that border the hospital site as below.

  • Magdala Avenue - Two disabled parking bays, plus approximately 32 resident bays and 22 shared use bays. In addition there are a further 11-12 off peak spaces.
  • Highgate Hill - Approximately ten short stay pay and display bays just beyond 150m from the hospital entrance in Highgate Hill.
  • Dartmouth Park Hill - Nine short stay pay and display spaces approximately 300 metres from the hospital entrance, and approximately three spaces on double yellow lines near the junction with Magdala Avenue.
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