Visitor e-vouchers

If you live in zone C or K you can order electronic temporary vouchers for your visitors. Find out about costs, discounts, and what you need to order them.

You can order e-vouchers (resident visitor permits) through our parking partner RingGo. They are paperless vouchers linked directly to a vehicle number plate.

If you are new to RingGo you will need to register online first (you can register in advance now so you are ready to go), but after that you will have more choice over how you order vouchers – through the RingGo app, online, or by calling 0203 046 0005.

You can order e-vouchers for immediate use or up to two days in advance.

How much do they cost?

50p per 30 minutes
£14.20 all day

Free e-vouchers are available for residents in zones C and K to cover extended Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) hours.

  • For zone C: free e-vouchers are available Monday to Friday from 6.30pm - 8.30am the next day, Saturday 1.30pm - 6am, and Sunday midnight to 8.30am the next day.
  • For zone K: free e-vouchers are available Monday to Friday from 6.30pm - 8.30am the next day, then all day on Saturday and Sunday.

If you are ordering vouchers to use during these times you will not be charged.

Discounted e-vouchers

If you are 60 or over, or are getting Incapacity Benefit, Disability Living Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance, your 30-minute, three-hour and all day vouchers are half price.

25p per 30 minutes
£7.10 all day

You will need to provide proof of your age or disability.

You can order these through the RingGo site.

Verify your address

If you have not bought e-vouchers before we may need to verify your address. Where possible this will be done automatically using details such as the electoral roll. If not, you will need to provide documentation for our customer service team to confirm.

We can accept:

  • bills: current council tax bill or a gas, water, electricity or landline phone bill dated within the last three months
  • driving licence
  • tenancy agreement
  • Department for Work and Pensions letter dated within the last six months.

Make sure when you scan or take a photo of your documents that they can be clearly read and show all parts of the document. Once you provide the relevant documentation it usually takes two working days for your account to be verified.

What you will also need

To purchase a voucher you will also need:

  • your visitor’s vehicle registration number
  • to know how long your visitor is staying 
  • a valid debit or credit card.

Visitor parking on estates

E-vouchers cannot be used in private parking areas or on any housing estates. Estate tenants can buy e-vouchers for their visitors to park in on street resident parking bays in their zone. Read more about parking on housing estates.

Register/buy visitor e-vouchers

Frequently asked questions

1. What are e-vouchers? How are they different to current visitor vouchers?

E-vouchers (resident visitor Permits) are temporary electronic parking permits for residents to use for their visitors. They are used instead of current paper-based, scratch-off permits.

E-vouchers work in the same way as resident’s e-permits, so instead of displaying a paper based permit, the permit will be attached to a visitor’s vehicle number plate. Civil Enforcement Officers are able to check details using a handheld device.

2. Why is the council introducing e-vouchers?

Introducing e-vouchers is one way we are transforming our services to make help make life easier for our residents. 

With e-vouchers:

  • you can buy parking permits for your visitors at any time and they are ready to use immediately (or up to two days in advance). This means you no longer have to wait for paper vouchers to be posted or buy in bulk.
  • you have more choice over how you buy - by app, online, phone or text
  • you can sign up to receive a reminder text when the voucher is running out, so you can easily extend it if you need and avoid unnecessary parking fines
  • you have a record of your purchase by email in case of a parking dispute
  • reducing the use of paper vouchers is better for the environment.

3. Why are e-vouchers only available in zones C and K?

We are piloting e-vouchers initially in two zones to test the process works before rolling it out more widely, which is likely to be later in 2017. 

4. Why do residents in zones C and K get access to free visitor e-vouchers?

The hours that parking is controlled is being extended in zones C (Finsbury Square and Farringdon Station) and K (Whittington Hospital area) from 26 June 2017. Therefore to ensure residents’ friends and family can still park free e-vouchers are being introduced during the extended hours of control. These changes followed a parking consultation during summer 2015. For more information on the consultation and the outcome visit

5. I am a zone C or K resident, will I still need to order e-vouchers during free hours?

Yes, you will need to order e-vouchers as normal through the RingGo site so your visitors number plate is on the system but you will not be charged for free times.

6. How many visitor e-vouchers can I apply for at once?

As a resident you can apply for as many e-vouchers as you wish and up to two days in advance of when you need them. Excessive use of free visitors’ vouchers (zones K and C) will be investigated in case of misuse.

7. How can the council prevent e-voucher misuse?

E-vouchers are electronic permits linked to a specific number plate rather than being paper-based which makes it more difficult to sell them on. In addition, because residents will need to order them through their RingGo account so we can monitor excessive ordering of e-vouchers, particularly for example if it ties in with when matches/events are held at the Emirates Stadium.

8. Will people without access to the internet be able to access e-vouchers?

Yes. If residents don’t have online access, we have support available to help them to set up an account. Residents are advised to call 020 7527 1338 or drop into the Islington Customer Centre, 222 Upper Street, N1 1XR or their local library. Scratch off paper vouchers are still available in exceptional circumstances for residents that are unable to access services online.

9. Will you be able to check details of visitors using e-vouchers?

Vehicle registration details will only be used to check the vehicle has a valid e-voucher attached to it. We are unable and have no legal right to see any other details.

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