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Buy or renew a parking permit

For Islington residents who want to park by their home

The Council will use the information you provide for the purpose of administering your parking permit or voucher requests, in accordance with our obligations under the Traffic Management Act 2004, and for managing and improving the delivery of service to you.

We will share the information with other Council departments/external bodies:

  • Council Tax for confirmation of your residency in the borough
  • Business Tax for confirmation that a business is registered for business tax in the borough
  • The National Fraud Initiative – for the investigation of fraud
  • The Police – for the investigation of offences or crimes
  • Data will be stored for a maximum of six years

We will always process your information in accordance with the law - for more information on the basis on which we process, use and store your information, please refer to the Council’s Privacy Policy.

Do you have a My eAccount?

You will need a My eAccount to buy or renew a resident parking permit. If you do not yet have a My eAccount you can register now.