Islington Reads

Islington Reads is a campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of reading and to encourage more residents of all ages to read.

Islington Reads is not just a council-run initiative; it's an open invitation to groups and individuals in the community to promote the benefits of reading and encourage our residents to read.

By working in collaboration to get more people reading, we can help improve the borough’s literacy rates, get more people into work and give our residents a better quality of life.

The Islington Reads campaign aims to:

  • raise aspiration and achievement in children and young people through the promotion of reading
  • promote the benefits of reading to all Islington residents
  • improve access to reading materials
  • increase the choice of reading materials
  • support people who can't read or who find reading difficult

If you’re an organisation or individual whose work shares the same aims as Islington Reads, get involved and help bring the benefits of reading to our residents.

Getting involved in Islington Reads will help you or your organisation to:

  • understand how reading can contribute to improved health and employment prospects
  • share good practice and learn from others
  • encourage children to improve their reading skills

For more information contact Tony Brown at or on 020 7527 6963.

For a list of organisations and individuals that are already part of the Islington Reads campaign, visit the Family Directory.

Most Islington schools make use of reading volunteers. Beanstalk recruits, vets, trains and supports volunteers to work in primary schools with children who have fallen behind with their reading.

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