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Banners for Spain

Fighting the Spanish Civil War in London

Dates: Friday 5 May to Saturday 8 July 2017

Opening times: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 10am - 5pm. Wednesday and Sunday: closed

Admission: Free

Venue details: Information on visiting the venue

The Spanish Civil War (1936-39) was sparked by a military coup led by General Franco against Spain’s elected government. Britain decided on ‘non-intervention’ in the war, but people from across the world joined the International Brigades to fight the fascist-backed rebels.

In Britain an ‘Aid Spain’ movement sprang up to raise funds for food and medical supplies and to help refugees fleeing the war. This exhibition showcases six newly conserved banners for Aid Spain, artefacts from the Marx Memorial Library’s archives and stories of the Islington International Brigaders. 

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