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Licensing and permissions

Here's a list of licences and permissions you may need depending on the type of arts event you're planning.

Site permission

Just as you need permission from the owner, landlord or manager to hold an event in their building, to hold an event in an open space such as a park, town square or other outdoor space also requires permission.  To check whether an Islington park or outside space is available please contact the Green Space Events team

Sale of alcohol or provision of late-night refreshment

The sale of alcohol or provision of late night refreshment (the supply of hot food or hot drink between 23:00 and 05:00, whether for sale or no charge, to the general public, staff or contractors) requires an appropriate licence.  

Please email for further details and information on how to apply.

Regulated entertainment

If your proposed event includes the performance of a play; an exhibition of a film; an indoor sporting event; boxing or wrestling; performance of live music; any playing of recorded music; dance performance or other similar regulated entertainment you will need to obtain the appropriate licence or Temporary Event Notice.

Premises licence

A premises licence is required for a licensable event with a capacity of over 499 people at any one time that will run for over 96 hours. This licence is granted in relation to a specific venue both indoor and outdoor. 

Temporary Event Notices are designed for smaller, low impact events. 

Please email for further details and information on how to apply.

Music events 

Events that will involve the playing of copyrighted music, pre-recorded music or live music are legally required to obtain licences through both PRS for Music and Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) prior to the event.

Street collections

A Street Collections Permit is required to authorise the collection of money or the sale of goods for charitable purposes in a public place. Please be aware that it is an offence to collect money or sell goods for charity in a public place without a Street Collections Permit

Temporary structures

Marquees, staging and flagpoles are considered special or temporary buildings under the London Building Act and require Section 30 consent.

Road closures

If your event requires the closing of a road you will need to seek permission in advance. Please be aware that the costs can be quite substantial. For further information contact or visit our Streetworks Application page.

Advertising using banners or posters

If you would like to promote your event by displaying posters or banners you may require advertising consent. For further details please see Outdoor advertisements and signs: a guide for advertisers on the GOV.UK website. 

Child performance licensing

All children between 0-16 years of age that take part in theatre, broadcasting, modelling or any other performance require a child performance licence until they complete compulsory school education.

The purpose of the licence is to ensure that all children are adequately safeguarded and supported. Licences are required at all times, including school holiday periods. For more information contact

Outdoor events

Use our Event app or contact our Green Space Events team at if you are thinking of holding an event in an open space such as a park, town square or other outdoor area within Islington.

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