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Safety, insurance and risk assessment

Information to help you develop safe, well-prepared and well-managed high quality arts events.

London Events Toolkit

The London Events Toolkit is a one-stop guide to planning events in the capital. It covers everything from venue and site design, fire procedures and major incident planning to guidance on specifics such as transport, barriers, electrics, refreshments, merchandising, amusements, attractions, sanitation, noise and vibration. 

Although aimed at people or groups organising outdoor events, many of the sections are useful for those organising other large gatherings.

Risk assessments

As part of your event planning you should undertake a thorough risk assessment for your event and consider what might cause harm to people in order to fully understand whether or not you are taking sufficient precautions to prevent harm. You may also require a separate Fire Safety Risk Assessment.  

Risk assessment guidance and a risk assessment template are available as downloads from our EventApp.


Event organisers have a duty of care towards audience members, staff, volunteers and contractors and need to ensure that they have sufficient insurances in place. These may include public liability insurance, employer's liability insurance, contents insurance or equipment replacement and cancellation, abandonment and postponement insurance. 

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