Corporate Director of Community Wealth Building

Islington will be a great place to use your talents. Our Chief Executive Linzi Roberts-Egan and Council Leader Cllr Richard Watts explain why.

How you can help to create a fairer future for Islington

We are living through a time of unprecedented challenges here in Islington as we support our community through the Coronavirus crisis – and look ahead to working together to support our borough’s recovery.

So there couldn’t be a more important time to be joining us as we take our residents, our businesses and community on a new journey to shape the future of Islington.

If you are passionate about fairness and adept at delivering change you couldn’t be in a better place.

Islington Chapel market on a sunny day with people  browsing the stalls

Why Islington?

As the Corporate Director of Community Wealth Building, you will play a vital role in supporting Islington Council to achieve its vision. You will help us to continue to transform the borough to help build a more connected community and help people achieve their potential and enjoy a good quality of life.

So if you are excited about shaping the Islington of the future; are brimming with fresh ideas – and can bring your team, your colleagues, partners and our councillors along with you, we would love to hear from you.

a group of Islington Council staff, standing socially distance in a food distribution warehouse, surrounded by packing stations and fresh produce