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Major works

Islington council does an assessment on each estate block every 7 years to work out what works will need to be done to make sure that the external and communal areas of the building remain in good order.

This cyclical works programme will examine elements of work including roofs, windows, brickwork and external and communal decorations to ensure they are in good order for the next seven years at least.

Please note the Council’s major works programme to subject to change, either by the addition or omission of works and/or a change in timescales. The major works information on this webpage is therefore for guidance only and is not exhaustive.   Please contact Home Ownership Services if you have a query. 

Tenants pay for these works as a part of their rent. Leaseholders are likely to incur a charge for these works that can be paid off in instalments.

What information is provided about each block?

We are committed to ensuring that our residents are safe. For more information on fire safety in your area please refer to our blocks pages.

  • What works are being carried out
  • Who the constructors are
  • Start date and estimated completion date
  • Contact information
  • Information about meetings related to the works

Do you have a complaint about works currently taking place on site?

If yes, please contact your Customer Care Officer as the first point of contact. Their contact details can be found in the monthly newsletter which is issued to residents every month and also available to view under the newsletter tab of your block on the improvement works search. They will investigate your complaint and keep you informed. Where problems or disputes have not been resolved or if you are not happy with the outcome at any stage, the council has a formal complaints process.

Contact the Improvement Works Team

Phone: 0207 527 7468

Email: brenda.rodney@islington.gov.uk