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What happens when it snows

What happens on our estates when it snows?

  • Caretakers will clear settled snow from entrances, paths near buildings and bin areas and spread grit.
  • Caretakers will mop entrances dry throughout the day and put up warning notices - but please take extreme care. 
  • If the adjoining highway has been gritted and it is safe for waste vehicles to enter, we will clear settled snow from estate roads to allow collection of any build up of rubbish. 
  • We will not pre grit estates when snow is forecast.   When snow fall is heavy it will settle despite the grit, and if the forecast is wrong grit is wasted. 
  • At the weekend we provide a reduced caretaker service and will complete snow clearance duties on a priority basis.
  • If you have any questions or queries about snow clearance on your estate please call your Estate Services Team on:-

Upper Street:                      020 7527 5331

Holland Walk:                     020 7527 7447

St John Street:                   020 7527 6205

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