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Disabled facilities grant for landlords

A Landlord can apply for a Disabled Provisions Grant to provide adaptations for a disabled person to live in a rented property

How much grant will be available?

The grant will pay for adaptations up to a maximum of £10,000 with the conditions that the property remains available to let for tenants with disabilities for five years.

What is the grant available for?

The Disabled Provisions Grant is available for facilities and adaptations for people with a disability to:

  • improve access to and movement within their home and to provide garden access.
  • use the basic facilities within their home, including kitchen, bathroom, lighting and heating facilities
  • ensure the safety of a disabled person and those they live with.

Common adaptations include the provision of ramps, stair lifts and level access showers.  Grants are available also for adaptations for people with sight, speech, hearing impairment or with a mental disorder or impairment.

Council Renting Schemes

The Council’s ‘Private Housing Partnerships Section’ have a need for disabled adapted properties under the Councils rental schemes. For further information, please contact Ian Tagg on 0207 527 6078.

How to apply?

Contact Grant Support Services 0207 527 3104 who will refer the information through to a grant surveyor who will visit your property with an occupational therapist to assess the technical aspects of the required adaptations.

  • If the property is suitable Grant support services will send you an application pack
  • You will need to submit a grant application form with two builders/contractors itemised estimates and other documents listed on the application.
  • Once all the required paperwork has been returned, Grant support services will approve (or refuse) the grant within four weeks and inform you how much the grant will be.
  • The builder must be the builder who provided the approved estimate with the application. If you need to change your builder you must contact Grant support services.
  • The building works must be completed within six months or the grant may be withdrawn.
  • There are no interim payments available.
  • Once the works are complete a grant officer will carry out a visit to certify that the works have been completed to a satisfactory standard. The payment will only be made once the  final invoice and required certificates have been submitted to the Grant support services
  • The grant payment will be passed to the finance section within 10 days from receipt of completion paperwork.  

Disabled Provisions Grant Conditions:

  • The property must remain available to let for tenants with disabilities for five years or the grant will be repayable.
  • The Owner will need to sign a ‘certificate of future occupation’ agreeing to keep the property available for let to a disabled tenant for 5 years.
  • At the end of the 5 years, any equipment, if removed will be at the owner’s expense and will remain the owner’s property.
  • An occupational therapist will advise you on what adaptations to the property will be required before making your application. These works will form part of the grant approval.
  • You may have to contribute some money towards the cost of required works.
  • Ground floor level flats will be the most suitable accommodation.
  • The Council has limited finance for these applications and will award limited grants on a first come basis.
  • The procedure for obtaining a Disabled Facilities Grant is usually complex; we therefore suggest that you get assistance from an architect or surveyor.
  • The Council supports the use of all sustainability technologies and insists on dual flush w.c’s and aerated taps being installed, if replaced when a grant is awarded.
  • We encourage contractors to recycle and dispose of waste at approved registered sites and to use green transport options (e.g. hybrid and electric vehicles) with their workers using public transport. The Council supports the use of sustainable materials and “Green” electricity.

Useful Contacts

Grant Support Services
Residential Environmental Health
222 Upper Street
London N1 1XR
Tel: 020 7527 3104
Email: grants.residential@islington.gov.uk

<p">Energy Advice Team
222 Upper Street
N1 1XR
Tel: 0800 512 012
Email: energy.advice@islington.gov.uk

Occupational Therapy Services
4 Vorley Road
N19 5JH
Tel 020 7527 5200
Email: occupational.therapy.service

Building Control Services
Islington Council
222 Upper Street
London N1 1XR
Tel: 020 7527 5999
Email: building.control@islington.gov.uk

Grants will not be approved if you start works without prior approval. Do not assume you have funding until you are given written grant approval by the council.

**All grants are subject to the availability of funding**.

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