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Advice on applying for an HMO licence

The information you need to help you through the HMO application process.

To make a valid application, you need to have details of all persons who have a legal interest in the property (for example, the mortgage company, tenants and those involved in its management), and details of the management arrangements (who does what and when).

You also need to provide us with:

  • certificates covering gas safety, electrical safety and the current annual test certificate for any fire detection and emergency lighting systems that are in place
  • layout plans for the property 
  • a current tenancy agreement 
  • the correct fee which you will be asked to pay at the end of your application

How much does an HMO licence cost?

An HMO licence will cost £270 per letting (bedsit, bedroom or studio). For example, a licence for an HMO flat or a house containing three lettings will cost £810. An HMO licence for a two bedroom flat occupied by two couples would cost £540. 

In addition to the licence above, if you are a freeholder/leaseholder or person managing a building on Caledonian Road or Holloway Road the ‘building’ itself may also require a licence. The fee for this licence is £660.

How long does an HMO licence last?

Licences can be issued for a maximum of five years.

A one-year licence will be issued where specific concerns with the management of a property warrant closer attention through licensing.

To get a five-year licence and avoid the extra cost of renewing after a year, you need to:

  • certify that all persons involved in the management of the property meet the fit and proper person criteria (which is explained in the application form)
  • submit a completed application form that provides information which demonstrates that the property is well managed in accordance with the HMO management regulations
  • submit the supporting documents listed earlier on the page (current certificates, layout plans and tenancy agreement)

Meanwhile the background checks that we carry out must not:

  • contradict the information provided in your application
  • provide any other evidence that the property is not being managed in accordance with legal requirements

Apply online for an HMO licence

Please use the HMO licence checker to confirm whether or not your property needs a licence.

To apply for an HMO licence or renew an existing licence, please complete the online licence checker which will direct you to the right application form. This checker is designed to help you avoid answering unnecessary questions and to help you calculate the correct fee based on your answers.

You will be asked to submit the documentation outlined on this page after you have successfully completed the online form.

Apply for an HMO licence in person or by post

Applicants who prefer to complete the form by hand can request a paper copy by contacting our HMO licensing team.

Supported HMO application process

We offer support with your application process for a fee, where we can help. Please contact us if you would like information about this service. 

  • HMO licence checker

    See if your property needs an HMO licence and apply for or renew an HMO licence online

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