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Tenant Management Organisations and Cooperatives offices

Contact details for tenant-managed properties and estates in Islington

Many of our properties and estates are managed by the tenants and leaseholders themselves through the creation of Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs), Estate Management Boards (EMBs) and Tenant Management Cooperatives (TMCs).

This page contains contact details for tenant-managed properties and estates in each of the three housing areas.

Upper Street

Bemerton Villages Management Organisation   

Services previously provided by Bemerton Villages Management Organisation (BVMO) are now provided by the council. Please contact the Upper Street Area Housing Office.

Blackstock Management Organisation

29 Twyford House
Elwood Street
London N5 1EL
020 7359 2106

Charteris Co-op

94 Moray Road
London N4 3LA
020 7263 3804  

Dixon Clark Court Management Limited

Resident's Room
Dixon Clark Court
Canonbury Road
London N1 2UR
020 7359 9239

Halfmoon Crescent Co-op

The Community Hall
183 Wynford Road
London N1 9TZ
020 7278 2931

Harry Weston Co-op

70 Cowdenbeath Path
London N1 OLE
020 7837 7371

Taverner and Peckett Square TMO

3 Taverner Square
Highbury Grange
London N5 2PA
020 7354 4222

Holland Walk

Arch-Elm Co-op

70 Mowatt Close
London N19 3XZ
020 7263 7474

Brooke Park Co-op

48 Scholefield Road
London N19 3EX
020 7272 4457

Elthorne 1st Co-op

158 St. John's Way
London N19 3RL
020 7263 5756

Holbrook Co-op

92 Holland Walk
London N19 3XU
020 7272 5208

Hornsey Lane EMB

Embay House
Hornsey Lane Estate
Hazellville Road
London N19 3DD
020 7272 7977

Miranda TMO

Community Hall
Miranda Estate
Henfield Close
London N19 3UL
020 7281 5618


St John Street

Braithwaite House TMO

Ground Floor, Braithwaite House
Bunhill Row
London EC1Y 8NE
020 7253 8257

Brunswick Close TMO

Ground Floor, Brunswick Court
Brunswick Close Estate
St John Street
London EC1V OEL
020 7490 3349

Gambier House TMO

Gambier House
Mora Street
London EC1V 8EH
020 7250 0416

Pleydell TMO

TMO Office
Ground Floor
Grayson House
London EC1V 3SR
020 7490 5724

Quaker Court TMO

68 Quaker Court
Banner Street
London EC1Y 8QB
020 7689 7554

Redbrick TMO

Vibast Centre
167 Old St
London EC1V IJN
020 7336 0663

Spa Green TMO

34 Wells House
Spa Green Estate
Rosebery Avenue
London EC1R 4TR
020 7833 2377

Stafford Cripps TMO

1 Parmoor Court
Gee Street
London EC1V 3RP
020 7689 4958

Wenlake TMO

12 Wenlake House
Wenlake Estate
Old Street
London EC1V 9JH
020 7689 3292


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