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Recent service reviews and findings

How the Housing Service communicates with its residents when building new council homes

This review was completed in April 2016 and the main findings were:

What works

  • The New Build Team carry out a feasibility study, assess financial viability and concerns raised by the area offices and carry out resident consultation
  • The Communications Team act as a critical friend, make sure leaflets and flyers are in plain English and are accessible to everyone
  • The Housing Options Team attend the first resident consultation meeting to talk about the local lettings policy; advising residents how to get on the waiting list and how to bid for properties when they become available

What can be improved

  • Clearer communications to improve resident understanding of the new build process
  • Consider different communication methods to improve customer experience, such as videos and photographs of internal layouts from completed schemes
  • Better the Customer Care experience
  • Be open and transparent throughout the whole new build process, so residents are aware of the potential impacts the new build scheme will have on the area they live

How the Housing service learns from and responds to complaints.

This review was completed in December 2015 and the main findings are:

What works

  • The number of complaints to the Housing Service are reducing
  • The number of upheld complaints are reducing
  • We’re learning form past complaints
  • Officers are polite during telephone calls
  • Most of our letter responses are well written. They show that staff have empathy and that they apologise when it’s right to do so

What can be improved

  • Develop a Complaints Customer Care Pack and train all staff
  • All staff to be trained on showing empathy and apologising when things go wrong
  • Make the complaints pages on the our website easier to access
  • Members of our SRG will look at a sample of our written complaints to make sure things are improving
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