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The feedback received from reference groups has an important influence on changes made to the way services are provided. We also use surveys, auditing systems and good practice methods developed by other housing providers and service reviews.

To get involved, contact service.development@islington.gov.uk or telephone 020 7527 4079.

Repairs Reference Group (RRG)

The Repairs Reference Group:

  • has input into questions asked in repairs customer satisfaction surveys
  • comments on the way that we prioritises repairs
  • inputs into how we tell residents to deal with damp and condensation
  • helps make the repairs pages on this website more accessible

Housing Management Reference Group (HMRG)

The Housing Management Reference Group have made the following recommendations and managers are taking steps to improve, for example:

  • staff dealing with anti-social behaviour will contact residents every two weeks and update them on the progress of resolving their complaint
  • managers will meet with their staff regularly and monitor action taken to resolve anti-social behaviour cases

Leaseholder Reference Group (LHRG)

The Leaseholder Reference group (LHRG) members have:

  • asked officers to look into the feasibility of offering emergency repairs to leaseholders
  • changed the layout and content of documents relating to service charges notification
  • advised that the Leaseholder Fair should continue in its current format in October 2016, that publicity material should be fun with a catchy message and events should be advertised using electronic noticeboards on estates, with text message reminders
  • commented on factsheets available for leaseholders and asked that they're stored in one place on the website

The Housing Disability Panel (HDP):

Disability Action in Islington (DAII):

  • arrange meetings with a group of disabled Islington Council tenants and leaseholders
  • give us feedback on our services from a disabled resident’s perspective
  • comments on specific policies and procedures and their impact on disabled tenants and leaseholders
  • makes recommendations for improvements
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