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Resident gardening clubs

Your garden

If you have a garden then you’re responsible for keeping it cultivated and tidy.

Estate grounds

We’re responsible for maintaining all communal areas of land around your home. This includes making sure that any lawns, borders, hedges and trees that form part of the property are kept in good order and not left to grow wild.

Community gardening

Residents can choose to take responsibility for keeping up an individual flower bed, or you can combine with your neighbours to form an Estate Gardening Group to establish and run a community garden. It can either be a specific area of the communal grounds or the whole planted area on an estate. Food-growing as well as decorative planting is permitted.

Some estate gardening groups also help elderly or disabled residents who have gardens to maintain them.

Get involved

If you want to improve the appearance of your communal areas, or get involved with their maintenance at whatever level, please contact your local community and Service Development Officer.

Holland Walk Area Housing Office   
Pamela Aristokle - 020 7527 7471 - pamela.aristokle@ilsington.gov.uk

Old St Area Housing Office  
Val Barnes – 020 7527 6259 – val.barnes@islington.gov.uk

Upper Street Area Housing Team (North Area)  
Chris Donovan – 020 7527 5379 – chris.donovan@islington.gov.uk

Upper Street Area Housing Team (South Area)  
Steve White – 020 7527 5378 – steve.white@islington.gov.uk

Upper Street Area Housing Team (West Team)   
Jerry Hill - 020 7527 1847 - jerry.hill@islington.gov.uk


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