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Highbury West ward

Community centres in this ward

Aubert Court Community Centre 
Aubert Court Estate
Avenell Road 
London N5 1BT

Maximum Occupancy: 123
Contact: Highbury Roundhouse
Office: 020 7359 5916 (Mon-Fri between 10am - 5pm)
Email: admin@highbury-roundhouse.org.uk

Stephens Ink Community Centre 
Stephens Ink Estate
Tannington Terrace
Gillespie Road 
London N5 1LN

Maximum Occupancy: 60
020 7503 8479 
Contact: Ron Abrahart
Email: ra015co728@outlook.com

Hind House Community Rooms

Ground Floor, Hind House
Harvist Estate
London N7 7NA

Maximum Occupancy: 30
Contact: Housing Community Development Team
Office: 020 7527 5379/2902 (Mon-Fri between 9:30am - 5pm)
Email: HCDT@islington.gov.uk

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