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Bunhill ward

Community Centres in this ward

Betty Brunker Hall
(Previously known as Gambier Hall)
Gambier House
Mora Street
London EC1V 8EH
Maximum Occupancy: 80 
email: bbcommunitycentre@hotmail.com
Tel: 07437 432 852 
Availability: Not Available for private parties 

King Square Community Centre
Ground floor, Rahere House
King Square
London, EC1V 8DE
Maximum Occupancy: 37
Contact: Mrs Liz Smithson
Tel: 07709 637 938
Availability:Estate events only, not available for hire. 

Peregrine Hall Community Centre
Peregrine House
Hall Street
London EC1V 7PT
Maximum Occupancy: 33
020 7527 6259 
Availability: Estate events only 

St Lukes TRA Community Room
Bath Court
Bath Street
Tel: 020 7527 6259
Availability: Estate events only for TRA and associated meetings 

Tompion Hall Community Centre
40 Percival Street
London EC1V 0HX
Contact: Michael Matthews
Tel: 07455 774 857

Availability: Not Available for private parties 

Vibast Community Centre
163 Old Street 
London EC1V 9NH
Maximum Occupancy: 106 
Contact: Pete Muswell (Chair)
See calendar for availability: http://www.redbrick.org.uk/calendar 
Email bookings preferred: vibastbookings@redbrick.org.uk

Booking phone number: 0845 474 1137 (calls charged at standard local rate) 
Emergency contact number: Pete Muswell 07905 311233
Availability: Not available at weekends or private parties 

Menard Court Community Centre
Pleydell Estate
Galway Street
Maximum Occupancy: 24
Contact: Mary Salormey
Email: pleydelltmo@btconnect.com
Tel: 020 7490 5724 

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