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52 Tollington Way

52 Tollington Way, N7

The site at 52 Tollington Way was the former Mary Seacole nursery owned by the NHS. In March 2015, Islington Council purchased the site from the NHS in order to develop 15 new homes of which over half will be council homes for local people and the remainder for sale.

The accommodation proposed for the 15 new homes to be provided at 52 Tollington Way is as follows:

Council homes

  • 1x1 bed 2 person flat wheelchair accessible
  • 6x2 bed 4 person flat
  • 1x3 bed 5 person flat

Homes for private sale

  • 2x1 bed 2 person flat
  • 1x2 bed 3 person flat
  • 3x2 bed 4 person flat
  • 1x2 bed 4 person flat wheelchair accessible

Our early design ideas for the look of the new buildings aim to reflect the style and scale of the existing buildings in Tollington Way whilst providing the borough with much needed housing.

The Council have submitted a planning application to undertake re-development of the site. Once the planning decision is know, we will update the information on the website.

For more information

Please contact Rosemarie Jenkins, Housing Development Project Manager, on telephone 020 7527 8808 or email rosemarie.jenkins@islington.gov.uk

Tollington way
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