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Aubert Court and Drakeley Court

There is a nationwide housing crisis, which means a huge shortage of good quality, affordable homes.

Islington Council is doing everything we can to tackle the housing crisis, including building new council homes for our residents. And tenants in housing need who live nearby get first dibs on the new homes we build.

Aubert Court and Drakeley Court have been identified as possible sites for new homes. In November 2018 we ran workshops for residents of Aubert Court and Drakeley Court to understand more about the estates and find out what works well and what doesn’t work so well.

Since these workshops we have met with the planners and carried out some site surveys to get a better understanding of what is possible on these estates.

Next steps:

  • We need to carry out more surveys on the estates.
  • We are planning to run a consultation event in July to show you some early ideas and ask for your comments and feedback.

We will be in touch to let you know when this consultation event will happen.

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