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High-rise buildings

Checking cladding on our high-rise estates

Checking cladding on our high-rise estates

After the Grenfell Tower fire, the government asked all councils and social housing providers in Britain to test samples of the cladding on their high-rise buildings to see if Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) has been used. 

ACM is the type of cladding used at Grenfell Tower and is thought to be linked to the spread of the fire there. The tests verify the materials used and ensure it is still safe for residents.

We sent samples of cladding from eight council blocks to the Buildings Research Establishment (BRE) for testing. The buildings are on the Harvist Estate, Brunswick Estate and Braithwaite House. We wrote directly to all the residents in these blocks to let them know.

Harvist Estate and Brunswick Estate results

We were told on 30 June that none of the samples of cladding from high-rise council buildings on the Brunswick and Harvist Estates sent for testing contain ACM.

Confirmation that these samples were not ACM cladding came from the BRE, which is carrying out tests on hundreds of panels on behalf of the government.

Read our statement confirming these results, issued on 30 June.

Braithwaite House results

On Thursday 22 June, we received results of tests on cladding on the side of Braithwaite House, which confirmed the presence of Aluminium Composite Material (ACM).

We arranged for a specialist contractor to start removing the ACM cladding, which is only on the sides of the building, as soon as possible. They started work on the morning of Monday 26 June.

We have made good progress on removing the cladding and have removed nearly all the panels, but we still need to tackle some harder to reach areas on the south side of the building that will require us to put up scaffolding.

We also tested the cladding on the front and sides of Braithwaite House as a precaution, which has confirmed that this cladding does not contain ACM.

You can read our statement about Braithwaite House issued on Friday 23 June.

We are sharing information with the London Fire Brigade and the government as soon as we are told, and are following London Fire Brigade advice to ensure our residents are safe.


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