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The latest on the council’s application to the First Tier Tribunal – October 2019

First Tier Tribunal – Dispensation Application

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to the notice of intention on 12 April 2019 about the council’s plans to enter into contracts for the supply of electricity and gas.

We have now applied to the First Tier Tribunal (FTT) for dispensation from some of the consultation requirements relating to the second stage notice (notice of proposals). The Tribunal issued directions, with an attached reply form.

You can view and take copies of the filed documentation and Tribunal Directions relating to the dispensation application (which are available in the attachments below) or obtain a hard copy by contacting Rina Patel on 0207 527 7782 or Rina Patel. You can also request a copy of the council’s energy procurement strategy.

The Tribunal will make a determination based on the papers we have submitted unless a leaseholder or Recognised Tenants Association advises the Tribunal (within the timescales set out in the Directions) that they wish to oppose the application and/or asks the Tribunal to hold a hearing.

As the Application progresses, additional documentation will be added to the website, including the Tribunal’s final decision.

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