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Air quality projects

Tackling air quality requires a range of approaches. We are working on a number of projects to improve air quality across Islington and are always looking for new ones. We work with businesses, the construction industry, schools and the wider community to raise awareness on air quality and make changes to improve it.

See how we are also helping businesses cut pollution.

School street consultations

What is a School Street Scheme?

A School Street Scheme is where a road with a school temporarily closes to become a pedestrian and cycle zone during the school’s opening and closing times. By temporarily closing roads outside schools this will help to reduce congestion and pollution at the school gates as well as make it easier and safer for children to get to and from school.

Why are we introducing School Streets?

Many of Islington’s schools are located in or near areas of poor air quality. A study by the Mayor of London found 33 Islington primary schools were located in areas above the recommended threshold for nitrogen dioxide, one of the main pollutants.

School Street consultations

Islington Council is planning to introduce a number of School Street Schemes to improve air quality around schools and to create a safer, more pleasant environment for everyone. For more information on the consultations click on the links below.

Ambler primary school consultation

Ashmount primary school consultation

Drayton park primary school

Duncombe primary school consultation

Hanover Primary school consultation

Moreland Primary school consultation

Rotherfield primary school consultation

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary school consultation

Yerbury primary school consultation

Hugh Myddelton Primary School consultation

Winton primary school consultation

Air quality

Islington Council is working hard to improve air quality, and around half of Islington’s air pollution is caused by road traffic. For more information on our other air quality work please visit the air quality webpage.

Air quality refers to the air around us, how clean it is and how many pollutants (harmful chemicals or substances) it contains. The more pollutants the air contains the more air pollution there is and the worse the air quality is. Children are one of the groups particularly vulnerable to the impacts of air pollution.

Air pollution

  • increases the risk of many respiratory and cardiovascular diseases

  • reduces the lung development of children

  • is also increasingly being linked to a range of other conditions like bladder cancer, diabetes, dementia and birth defects.

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