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Air quality projects

Tackling air quality requires a range of approaches. We are working on a number of projects to improve air quality across Islington and are always looking for new ones. We work with businesses, the construction industry, schools and the wider community to raise awareness on air quality and make changes to improve it.

See how we are also helping businesses cut pollution.

Community projects

We work to ensure individuals, groups and businesses across the Islington community are aware of air quality, its impacts and measures they can take to reduce their exposure and emissions. There are many different communities in Islington and we take many different approaches. 

Some examples include:

Raising awareness

It is important that everyone in Islington is aware of air pollution, so we run many campaigns to increase this. 

One recent example included public health professionals across Islington spreading the message about the health impacts of air quality and providing personalised information on local pollution and lowering exposure.

We helped set up the air quality alert system airTEXT and recommend that everyone in Islington signs up. This free service provides air quality, UV, pollen and temperature forecasts for the borough and warns you about high pollution days. You can get alerts by text, email or phone.

More information about projects we have been taking with schools to increase awareness can be found in the schools section.

Inspiring volunteers

We all need to work together to improve air pollution. We therefore work with different organisations, groups and individuals across the borough to empower them to make change in their own community.

Example: in 2013 we worked with Sustrans to recruit, train and support volunteers to become air champions. We trained further volunteers for our anti-idling events. For more information on the anti-idling events or to see how you can get involved please see the link at the bottom of the page.

Location based projects

Islington has several areas of high pollution or areas with specific air pollution problems. For example Angel, Archway, Highbury Corner, Finsbury Park and Old Street are all areas of high pollution. We work with communities to address the particular issues in these areas to improve local air quality.

Example: the City Fringe ZEN and City Fringe LEN projects are working in the south of the borough around Bunhill to help businesses reduce their emissions and create a low emission area. A similar scheme to support businesses in Archway is also underway. Meanwhile we are working to reduce emissions from canal boats on the Regents Canal.

Project  Overview
airText We helped create this London-wide pollution alert system, to help the public prepare for high pollution. The system was also publicised by pharmacies to patients collecting medicine for respiratory illness.
Air Aware We worked with public health professionals in communities across the borough to raise awareness of the health impacts of poor air quality. Users received personalised advice about local pollution and ways to reduce exposure and emissions to help improve their health.
Cleaner Air Champions In 2013 we worked with Sustrans to recruit, train and support a team of volunteers to become cleaner air champions. The champions worked in their communities helping residents reduce emissions and raising awareness of the effects of poor air quality.
Car Free Day A number of events for World Car Free Days, the latest being on Islington Green for school pupils, cycle commuters and anyone else keen to learn more about sustainable transport and the effect of air pollution.
The event included lung function tests, pedal powered cinema, get to know your bike, DrBike mechanics, police security marking and route planning with Sustrans. Previous events include street closure and air quality information on Caledonian Road as part of the Cally Festival.
Air Quality Summit In 2013 we held a Summit with Camden Council with talks from a number of experts. 120 delegates from communities, local businesses, schools and community organisations attended, with the aim of generating new ideas about how to tackle air quality.
National Clean Air Day We took part in the first Clean Air Day in June 2017, running an event in Archway raising awareness on air quality and encouraging everyone to do their bit to cut air pollution.

We had an anti-idling event, promoted airTEXT at Whittington Hospital, had a free bike fixing service and demonstrated the help available through Archway ZEN like electric scooters and cargo bikes.
Anti-idling A number of anti-idling events have been conducted across Islington. These events encourage drivers to turn off their engines when they are parked up to help improve local air pollution. For more information, including how to volunteer, visit their website.
City Fringe ZEN  We are supporting over 800 businesses to improve local air quality, increase active travel and reduce energy and transport costs. Members have access to a range of free advice and services. This innovate scheme improves air quality and business efficiency across Islington, Hackney and Tower Hamlets. For Islington the area covered is Bunhill Ward. 
City Fringe LEN 

Covering a similar area to City Fringe ZEN, this project aims to deliver a superb urban environment, supporting exemplary levels of sustainable travel, and innovatively addressing key local air quality issues. It supports businesses and residents to deliver an ambitious package of measures that produces quantifiable improvements in air pollution concentrations and emissions. 

Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) Streets Islington has closed roads to vehicles not classed as ultra-low emission at peak times on Tabernacle, Singer and Cowper Street as part of a nine month trial starting September 2018. This is part of the City Fringe LEN initiative with Hackney and Tower Hamlets. Maps of the proposed ULEV zones can be found at the bottom of this page. This scheme will reduce air and noise pollution and make it easier, more enjoyable and safer to walk and cycle in these areas. Find more information on times and exemptions.
Archway ZEN  Following the success of the award-winning City Fringe ZEN we set up this project to help businesses in the Archway area improve their air quality.
Clean Air at Regents Canal  Islington, the Canal and Rivers Trust and Defra are improving the canal environment. There will soon be a significant move towards electric-only power, which will deliver improvements to air quality and health for canal users. 

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