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Air quality

We are leading the fight against London's poor air quality. Working with other authorities and the Mayor of London, we run projects and champion new ways to tackle air pollution.

Although air pollution affects everyone (and can be a life-shortening factor), the most at risk are the young and elderly, or people with respiratory and cardiovascular conditions like asthma, emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 

We monitor air quality across the borough and work with neighbouring councils to make air quality information (including air pollution levels) available to the public via the London Air website

We recommend that everyone signs up to our free airTEXT service. It provides air quality, UV, pollen and temperature forecasts for the borough and warns if high pollution is forecast.

Read more about air quality in our leaflet and use our clean air routes map below to help you navigate the less polluted walkways in Islington.

Clean air routes

View the map with Google Chrome. We recommend using a desktop, laptop or tablet for best results.

Contact the pollution team if you have any other queries. If you would like to report an air quality issue, for example vehicle idling or burning solid fuels, please click the button below.

Report air pollution online

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