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SHINE Referral Questionnaire

SHINE (the Seasonal Health Interventions NEtwork) connects residents to around 30 services relating to Seasonal Health and Wellbeing provided by Islington Council, the NHS and third sector organisations throughout the borough. These include Energy Doctor in the Home, in-depth bill and debt support, falls assessments, fire safety checks, benefit checks, befriending, and much more.

SHINE approaches this support in a holistic manner and will always make a direct referral over signposting. SHINE is targeted at vulnerable groups, older people, people with disabilities, and low-income families with dependent children, but does not operate strict eligibility testing.

Please complete the form below to refer clients to Islington's Seasonal Health Interventions NEtwork. If you have any questions please call the SHINE Hub on 020 7527 2121 or email shine@islington.gov.uk

The Council will use the information you provide for the purpose of giving free energy advice and, where relevant, making onward referrals into services which may help to keep you well and warm at home.

We will share the information with other Council departments/external bodies – there are many service providers in the SHINE network who can offer support with benefits, home energy visits, fire safety, energy efficiency grants, falls assessments and much more to help keep you well and warm at home.

We will always process your information in accordance with the law - for more information on the basis on which we process, use and store your information, please refer to the Council’s Privacy Policy.

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