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Romilly Road – School Street Scheme

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Start date 17 October 2018
End date 11 November 2018

Consultation document Amber primary school

Islington Council is planning to introduce a School Street Scheme to improve air quality around Ambler School and to create a safer, more pleasant environment for everyone. The Council would like to hear your thoughts on the proposal.

Air quality refers to the air around us, how clean it is and how many pollutants (harmful chemicals or substances) it contains. The more pollutants the air contains the more air pollution there is and the worse the air quality is. Children are one of the groups particularly vulnerable to the impacts of air pollution.

The Council is working on a number of projects to improve air quality in Islington. One of these is to implement a School Street Scheme across the borough. A School Street Scheme is where a road with a school temporarily closes to become a pedestrian and cycle only zone during the school’s opening and closing times.

By temporarily closing roads outside schools this will help to reduce congestion and pollution at the school gates as well as make it easier and safer for children to get to and from school.

The consultation document is available to download at the bottom of this page.

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