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Stadium control area proposal

This consultation ran from Monday 6 July until Monday 7 September 2015 and has now closed. Thank you to those who provided feedback.

Details of the original consultation are below.

Why is it necessary to review parking controls in this area?

This area is a group of Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) that were designed to protect the on-street parking spaces for the local community on busy Arsenal match/event days.

However, since the last review of CPZs in 2007, the parking demands have changed. The sporting calendar continues to evolve and match times have changed meaning the current CPZs no longer offer adequate protection for our residents. Matches are now played on weekday evenings as well as weekends, with the stadium also becoming a popular venue for music concerts.

Map of Stadium Control Area

What is proposed in this area?

The council is proposing to extend the hours of operation to cover the busiest times when matches and events are on at the stadium in order to protect parking for permit holders. This includes:

  • Removing existing matchday controls; and
  • Extending normal controls to 9pm, Monday to Sunday (everyday)
  • Making the times across all zones in the stadium area the same for consistency
  • Introducing new free e-vouchers for residents’ visitors, Monday to Saturday from 6.30pm to 9pm and Sunday 8.30am to 9pm
  • Introducing a £2.40 flat rate pay and display evening charge to cover the extended period from 6.30pm to 9pm, Monday to Sunday
  • Removing "flip down" signs for match days and replacing them with permanent, clear signage.

What is the current situation in this area?

Note: The CPZ locations and times of control from this time (summer 2015) are no longer available.

The consultation

No longer available; the consultation is closed.

The closing date is 7 September 2015.

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