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This consultation ran from Monday 6 July until Monday 7 September 2015 and has now closed. Thank you to those who provided feedback.

Following the outcome of the consultation, the Council’s Executive agreed to introduce extended controls in Finsbury Square and Farringdon Station (Zone C), and Whittington Hospital area (Zone K), which both had public support. You can see details of the report that went to the Executive, and the decision, here.

Details of the original consultation are below.

Islington continues to evolve and is a thriving and exciting borough, offering lots of opportunity for residents, businesses and visitors. However, these changes have also put extra pressure on our parking spaces, making it much harder for residents to park near to their homes, particularly in busy areas and during peak times.

All streets within Islington are covered by Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) - where on-street parking is controlled during specified times and days. These are designed to help manage parking so it is safe and fair and to protect parking for our residents. However, the last review of CPZs was carried out in 2007 and no longer reflects current parking needs.

The council is carrying out a review of existing CPZs in Islington and has developed some proposals to improve parking in the borough. Please take the time to have your say by completing a short survey on the area/s you are interested in (details below). We want to make this fair so we want to hear from as many consultees as possible who use these streets or may be impacted by any changes, including those who live, work, visit, run a business, or have an interest in the areas.

What we are trying to achieve:

  • to make it easier for residents to park near to their homes
  • to ensure those that most need to park can, such as disabled and elderly drivers
  • to reduce traffic, congestion, pollution and discourage unnecessary car use, in line with our Sustainable Transport Strategy and Air Quality Strategy.
  • aware that parking demands have changed since 2007, council officers produced a report outlining the issues, and drafted proposals to address them. Councillors decided a consultation was needed. That document can be seen here​.

The proposed changes will benefit most permit holders by providing additional protection for parking, without any extra cost or action needed from them.

If the proposals do go ahead we will also be introducing additional measures, such as free e-vouchers for residents’ visitors and a £2.40 flat rate pay and display charge for evening parking. Specific information is contained in the detailed proposals.

Map of Islington showing 2015 CPZ consultation areasAreas proposed for improvement

This review focuses on five specific areas (listed below) where parking demand is particularly high. We have carried out surveys to monitor the parking pressures and where they show there is a problem, we have developed proposals to improve the suitability of CPZs.

To have your say

To read more about the proposals and to complete a short survey to let us know what you think, click on the relevant links below:

The consultation will run from Monday 6 July - Monday 7 September 2015.

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