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Free visitor e-vouchers: the facts

As part of our proposals we will be offering free e-vouchers for visitors to cover the extended hours of control so that residents’ friends and family can still park. Free e-vouchers will be offered in all zones apart from Zone Z in Archway because here the proposed controls finish at 6.30pm.

What are e-vouchers? How are they different to current visitor vouchers?

E-vouchers are temporary electronic parking permits for visitors. They are not yet available, but will be introduced later and will be used instead of current paper-based, scratch-off permits. In the meantime residents should continue to use paper-based visitor permits. Details of these and how to purchase them are available on the parking webpages.

When introduced, e-vouchers will work in the same way as resident’s e-permits, so instead of displaying a paper based permit, the permit will be attached to a visitor’s vehicle number plate. Civil Enforcement Officers would be able to check details using a handheld device.

How do you order a free visitor e-voucher?

Residents will be able to order free e-vouchers for their visitors through My eAccount on the council’s website if the changes to the timings of the Controlled Parking Zones go ahead. These vouchers will be valid in the zones where changes have been agreed and during the times specified (these differ between zones). You can check these timings in the table of changes.

Will people without access to the internet be able to access e-vouchers?

Yes. Residents who cannot obtain e-vouchers online themselves can call 020 7527 2000 or visit the Islington Customer Centre at 222 Upper Street, where customer service staff will be able to assist them. We will also direct residents without a computer or smartphone to use self-serve computers at the Customer Centre or their local library.

How many visitor e-vouchers can I apply for at once?

As a resident you can apply for as many e-vouchers as you wish, however excessive use of free visitors’ vouchers will be investigated in case of misuse.

How can you prevent free e-voucher misuse?

E-vouchers are electronic permits linked to a specific number plate rather than paper-based which makes it more difficult to sell them on. In addition, because residents will need to order these through My eAccount we can monitor the usage of e-vouchers from specified accounts. For example, the council will investigate if there is a spike in e-voucher requests from a particular resident that ties in with when matches/events are held at the Emirates Stadium and will take steps to stop this.

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