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Consultation on introducing a new barbecue byelaw on Highbury Fields

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Start date 07 February 2019
End date 07 March 2019

What are we proposing?

Islington Council is now consulting on a proposal to introduce a byelaw on the use of barbecues in Highbury Fields, in a move that both protects the freedom of people who want to barbecue, and takes into account local concerns.

The proposal means that barbecues will continue to be allowed in Highbury Fields, in a marked barbecue area on the west side of the field closest to Highbury & Islington station. In order to better manage the situation, barbecues will also have to be extinguished by 9pm.

Should the barbecue byelaw be adopted, people will continue to be allowed to use barbecues, including disposable barbecues, and the council will continue to ask anyone having a barbecue to follow all safety advice and act responsibly in the best interests of others and the park. This includes advice on how to avoid damaging the grass and how to safely dispose of used barbecues.

The byelaw will allow the council authorised officers to extinguish, seize or dispose of any barbecue or related paraphernalia in or near Highbury Fields and any person offending against any of these byelaws may be removed from Highbury Fields by an authorised officer.

Any person offending against any of these byelaws shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 2 on the standard scale.

For more information, read about the byelaw and the FAQs. You can find these PDFs in the 'useful documents' section of the page.

How can you find out more?

To find out more please visit:

Barbecue in your borough

Mobile: 07825 098 458

To respond to the consultation please fill out our survey.

What happens next?

The council will analyse the results of this consultation and decide what action should be taken.

If we introduce this byelaw it will be made under section 15 of the Open Spaces Act 1906, regulating the use of barbecues in Highbury Fields. To introduce a bye-law the council needs to follow a specific set of procedures. You can find out more in the Questions and Answers on barbecues page on our website.

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