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Consultation Day Centre Closures

Islington council is currently consulting on the proposed closure of up to two mental Health Day Service buildings in the borough.

This consultation has ended

Start date 12 June 2018
End date 27 July 2018

We are consulting with people who currently use the mental health Day Services, their carers, people who may want to access these services in the future, and others who may be affected by the changes.

The proposed options to be consulted on are: 

  • Option 1: Close Mind Empower, located on Southwood Smith Street. This property is owned by Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Option 2: Close The Mind Spa, located on Ashley Road. This is a council-owned property.        
  • Option 3: Close both Mind Empower and The Mind Spa day centres.

Providing services from multiple sites means we have to pay rent and other costs on each of these buildings. We feel this money could better used to deliver a wide choice of services and support in a more flexible way. By reducing the number of buildings and costs associated with them, we will be able to focus resources on staff, activities and support.

We value your opinion so please complete the survey questions online and submit your comments using the following link by Midnight on the 27th July 2018.

Please email us at Mhcommissioning@islington.gov.uk  if you have any queries regarding the proposals or the consultation.


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