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Anti-social behaviour reporting form

Islington Council is committed to tackling anti-social behaviour (ASB).

We take all reports seriously and work closely with partner agencies, such as the police and other local housing associations to tackle crime and ASB.

We may share some information with our trusted partners where it is necessary to help address your concern, but it will be held securely and not shared beyond this.

If you don’t not provide your contact details or do not want a visit to assess your noise complaint, your complaint will be recorded only, however it may be necessary to telephone you or visit in the event of any safeguarding concerns raised


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    Please note that the Out of Hours Response Service, where officers are available to visit, discuss and investigate your concerns, operates Sunday to Thursday, 5:00pm to 12:00am and Friday to Saturday, 5:00pm to 02:00am. Reports received outside of these times will be passed on to the department or organisation responsible for managing the case on the next working day.

    If your report is about an Islington Council or Housing Association managed property, your webform will be shared with them to contact you directly.