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Year 12 bursary

The year 12 bursary is a payment available to some Islington students moving from year 11 into full-time further education or training

The bursary is £300 a year and is paid in two instalments throughout the academic year. 

To qualify for the bursary, students must live in Islington and: 

  • have received free school meals in year 11 or be eligible for free school meals
  • have moved straight into post-16 education and training without taking a break
  • be studying full-time 

Your chosen school, college or education provider will have their own rules on top of these, usually based around you having a good attendance record. Speak to them for more information. 

How to apply 

Your school or college will let you know if you qualify for the year 12 bursary, if: 

  • you are currently studying at an Islington sixth form school or City and Islington College and 
  • you transferred from an Islington secondary school.  

If you didn’t go to an Islington school in Year 11 and aren’t attending a further education provider in Islington, you'll need to complete the Year 12 bursary application form. 

More information

Phone: 020 7527 5483, 020 7527 3196, 020 7527 7815


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