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Childcare bursary

The childcare bursary helps parents who are starting work, a work placement, or short-term training to pay for childcare.

You may qualify for a childcare bursary if you live in Islington and: 

  • are on a low income 
  • have a child aged 0-16 (or up to 18 with disabilities) who needs childcare
  • can’t get childcare funding by any other means
  • are starting work, a work placement or training  

You must have a National Insurance number. 

How to apply 

Fill in a bursary application form and a referral form to the Income Maximisation Team (IMAX). You’ll need to show that you have one of these: 

  • a written offer of employment for at least 16 hours per week
  • a written offer of a placement which says how this will help you get a job
  • confirmation of a training course running for up to 3 months that will help you move into work

Childcare deposits are not covered, but if you are working with Jobcentre Plus, you may be able to apply for this additional support through their Flexible Support Fund.


Phone: 020 7527 5891 


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