Weights and Measures

Trading Standards are involved in the following:

a)  Inspection and testing of weighing and measuring equipment on trade premises, for example, petrol pumps, weighing machines, length measuring equipment, measuring equipment for serving alcohol in licensed premises.

b)  Testing new weighing and measuring equipment for accuracy before use.  A special mark is placed on all equipment that passes the Inspectors' tests.

c)  Checking packaged goods (food and non-food) for weight and quantity.  Checks are made on imported goods as well as those manufactured in the UK.  

The National Measurement Office has produced useful booklet called "Weights and Measures (Packaged Goods) Regulations 2006 – Guidance Note"

d)  Checks on short measure.

e)  Checks on the manner in which the quantity is made known to the purchaser.

f).  Metrication.

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