Counterfeiting and Trade Marks

Fake goods

Trading Standards carry out checks to ensure fake goods are not being passed off to unsuspecting customers.

In recent years we have found an increase in the supply of counterfeit goods to retailers by door to door sellers. Counterfeit alcohol, cigarettes, condoms and designer clothing and bags have been particular problems. 

Illicit alcohol & tobacco

Between 2009 and 2013 sixteen businesses have been prosecuted and, or, had their alcohol licences reviewed for stocking counterfeit alcohol. For more information see the link on the left hand side of this page.

Designer/branded clothing

Trading standards, on average, make 3 seizures a year of counterfeit clothing from the borough's shops and market stalls.  Stock is usually destroyed or, where brand identifiers can be removed, recycled to charities. 


To warn Islington retailers about the dangers of buying stock from unusual sources we have produced a short guidance leaflet which is available at the bottom of this page, under downloadable documents. 

Protecting your copyright

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO – formerly the Patent Office) has produced a booklet for manufacturers and designers on how to protect their copyright. Please click on related website link to the right to see the guide. 

Tips for traders 

Think before you buy….

* Do not buy branded goods from door-to-door sellers 

* Do not buy goods that could jeopardise your customers’ safety, such as condoms, from door-to-door sellers

* Make sure you verify the identity of unsolicited sellers and get detailed receipts for the goods you buy that include:

     * Seller’s name and address

     * Seller’s company details, if applicable

     * Seller’s VAT details, if applicable

* Are the goods too cheap? Be suspicious

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