Smoking Shisha

Smoking ‘shisha’ – tobacco or herbal products – through a waterpipe is becoming very fashionable amongst young people.  In the last few years it expanded from a ‘traditional’ pastime generally confined to a few ethnic communities, to a much more widespread activity that attracts young people from all communities.

There are many myths about shisha smoking – in reality it has similar dangers to other forms of smoking.  Please see the Shisha Facts document below.

Is it legal?

Running a shisha business can be done legally, but there are a lot of issues to consider.  Trading Standards will advise on and enforce the law relating to the legality of the product; sales of tobacco products to under 18s; and the warnings required to be displayed.  However, there are also likely to be issues faced by shisha business regarding the legality of smoking shelters; planning permission; health and safety requirements; and noise issues. 

Please see our guidance sheet for shisha businesses below and feel free to contact us if you are considering starting a shisha business.

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