Grants for Early Years Providers

The Early Years Finance Team provides a range of services. 

Grant-Aid Funding in the Voluntary Sector 

Administration and monitoring of funding to all-day and sessional playgroups, community nurseries and support groups (e.g. childminder drop-ins).

For more information contact:

Tim Keating, Grant Aid Officer
Tel 020 7527 5692 

Charging Policy 

Monitoring and reviewing the council's day-care charging policy, which applies to council-managed nurseries and to nurseries grant-aided by the council. 

Free Early Learning Funding Claims 

This applies to the voluntary sector playgroups and community nurseries, together with providers in the private and independent sectors.

To find out more about free early learning for two year olds and three and four year-olds, click the link under Related Information, on the right side of this page.

You can also contact the team:

Teshale Joba, Principal Finance Officer for Early Years
Tel 020 7527 5884

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