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Business Recovery Programme

Islington Council has designed a comprehensive Business Recovery Programme of business support activities designed to:

  • Provide businesses with one-to-one tailored support and advice
  • Enable the revival of our high streets through locally-led initiatives and targeted grant schemes for the most at risk such as hospitality businesses
  • Support businesses contribute to Islington’s Net Zero Carbon targets
  • Help more of our residents to start up their own businesses
  • Increase the number of businesses owned by their workers.

Black-owned business survey

We are working with Black Pound Day to address the economic inequalities and imbalances affecting Black businesses and entrepreneurs in Islington.

Our partnership with Black Pound Day aims to increase the visibility of local Black-owned businesses and offer them support where needed.

We want to find out what the most pressing needs are for Black-owned businesses in Islington and come up with solutions to best support you on your business journey.

If you are a member of the Black community and own or run a business in Islington, we would like to hear from you.

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Business Resilience programme

We have teamed up with CENTA Business Services, to deliver immediate tailored support to help businesses recover post pandemic.

Support includes:

  • Diagnosing the critical issues that underpin your business performance
  • Talking through options for turning the business around
  • Explaining the options in detail and the decisions that need to be made
  • Drafting a clear action plan to help your business move forward

More information and details on how to access this service

Any Islington based SME can access this service for free, and it will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

Co-operative development agency

We have partnered with Outlandish to help give hundreds of workers a stronger stake in the local economy through a new co-operative development agency.

Cooperate Islington, aims to create up to 10 new co-operatives by the end of the year, and support the growth of existing co-operatives with £75,000 of seed funding and wraparound business support including business planning, stakeholder management, coaching and mentoring. The new co-operatives will also be offered free room hire and office space in SPACE4, one of Islington’s partner affordable workspaces in Finsbury Park.

A co-operative structure offers many advantages to businesses, allowing them to more easily share skills and expertise between themselves, to network, plan, organise and work together. This in turn helps ensure that money is spent locally and ethically.

Find out more and apply

Local Progressive Procurement Support Scheme

Building on the council's Progressive Procurement Strategy commitments, we are developing a directory of local small and medium enterprises, to direct developers and anchor institutions towards local businesses, initially within the construction sector.

In partnership with MTW Consultants Ltd, we will support local SMEs to access opportunities from building and refurbishment projects in the borough and anchor institutions.

Over the coming months, we will continue to expand the directory to include other sectors.

Inclusive Entrepreneurship

We have partnered with Action for Race Equality  to deliver a new business support programme aimed at facilitating inclusive entrepreneurship in the borough.

The Inclusive Entrepreneurship Programme will support early-stage entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups, particularly those from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnicity backgrounds. The programme will provide tailored business support through a mix of one-on-one sessions with a consultant, masterclasses, and peer-to-peer learning groups. There is also seed funding available to support entrepreneurs get their idea off the ground

Please contact if you are interested in receiving more information about this programme.

Helping small businesses go greener


Applications for this scheme are now closed. 

We have partnered with ReLondon to offer grants and expert advice to local small businesses that will help them build circular economy practices into their business or scale up the circular activities they already do.

A circular economy keeps products and resources in use for as long as possible. So, rather than making, using, and disposing (a linear economy) materials, a circular economy aims to keep resources in use again and again, aiming for zero waste through the reuse, recycling, and regenerating of goods for new uses.

This is a fantastic opportunity for local businesses to adopt greener business practices and play a part in tackling climate change. Participants will be trailblazers in this area, helping us kick-start our circular economy journey and move towards becoming a net zero borough by 2030.

Application deadline: Sunday 27 February, 11.59pm.  

Islington Smart e-Cargo Bike Grant Fund

Applications for this scheme are now closed.

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