1617 0584a Redevelopment of Charles Simmons House in Islington

Islington Council invites suitable expressions of interest from suppliers for a Main Building Contractor to undertake the design and construction of 25 (twenty five) residential flats, 1 (one) commercial unit and 1 (one) community centre, including all necessary external works. Please note this is a re-advert. The contract was previously advertised as 1617- 0584 - Redevelopment of Charles Simmons House in Islington and on the Official Journal of European Union no. 2017/S 058-107241.

Current status / Background

Charles Simmons House was constructed in the 1950s. The building is four storeys high and comprises sixteen flats, half of which are studios. The lower section of the building has garages at its base and a community centre above the garages. The building was occupied by both leaseholders and social housing residents. The council has decided to develop this building and areas that have not been used for some years. The council can now progress the currently design proposals following planning approval.

The planning approval for Charles Simmons House will create large homes for both leaseholders and social housing residents. a new community centre and commercial unit. The lack of good quality, affordable housing is well-documented and this scheme will improve the current accommodation at Charles Simmons House and replace it with efficient, spacious and well-designed homes. In addition the new development will provide much-needed wheelchair accommodation for disabled residents in the borough.

The requirement

The purpose of the procurement is to procure a suitable Principal Contractor to carry out the demolition, design and construction of the new Charles Simmons House. This development is a design and Build contract and requires construction over 2 railway tunnels, therefore contractors who wish to apply must have suitable and relevant experience in similar complex construction projects. Contractors must have extensive experience understand and be able to demonstrate experience of risk management.

One of the tunnels is managed by Network Rail (NR) and the other by London Underground Limited (LUL). It is mandatory for contractors to communicate with both NR and LUL , as well as the Council’s commissioning officers throughout the lifetime of the contract.

Contractors will be required to comply with planning conditions and Section 106 agreement

The council has outlined in tender documents the indicative minimum insurance levels for contractors. Contractors are required to satisfy themselves and carry out due diligence processes to ensure NR and LUL insurance requirements are met.

The council has an indicative design which has been progressed to RIBA Stage E and various surveys have also been completed. Tenderers may wish to review this information. Further information is in the tender pack. Tenders are responsible for the buildability and viability of any design or information. The council will not accept any responsibility nor will be liable for any defects in the design and/or information provided to bidders.


There are no individual lots.

The works will be let under a single JCT Design & Build Contracts

TUPE [Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations]

Potential providers must be aware that TUPE may or may not apply to this service. Further details will be available in the invitation to tender.

Contract Period

The contract period will be for 28 (Twenty-eight) months from an estimated start date August 2017.

Contract Value

The estimated total value of this contract is £7,500,000 (Seven million, five hundred thousand) over the 28 (Twenty-Eight) months term of the contract.

Award criteria

The contract will be awarded to the Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT) in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations. MEAT for this contract is quality 40% and cost 60%. Further details will be provided in the invitation to tender.

Cost 60%
Quality 40%

Quality made up of:
  • Outline your proposed approach to working on confined sites. (weighting 5%)

  • Outline your proposed approach to development of sites located over underground tunnels, in particularly:

    • rail infrastructure 

    • and your proposal for consultation with Network Rail and London underground. (weighting 10%)

  • Provide a detailed programme for delivering the works, including:

    • pre-contract and construction

    • proposals for achieving Social Value for the Council and Local Community through delivery of this service. (weighting 10%)

  • Outline your proposed approach to health and safety, including

    • your proposals to meet the requirements of Islington Council’s Standards & Expectations (attached) specifically around Behavioural Safety and Human Performance. (weighting 5%)

  • Provide a detailed Risk Register, including your proposal for managing and mitigating project risks. (weighting 10%)

Total 100% 

Further details are included in the ITT.

Tenderers should be aware that we reserve the right to hold a tender interview during the tender process. Interviews will be for verification/clarification purposes of the written submission.

We reserve the right to interview leading bidders.

Procurement Process

This contract will be procured using the Open Procedure. The Open Procedure means that all bidders who successfully express an interest will automatically be invited to tender and have access to the tender documents. Those who submit a tender and meet the minimum requirements will have their full tender, method statements and pricing evaluated.

How to express an interest

If you wish to apply for this contract please follow the steps below:

Register your company free of charge via the London Tenders Portal.

Await acceptance. You will receive an email confirming your username and password.

Use your username and password to log into the London Tenders Portal and express your interest in 1617-0584a Redevelopment of Charles Simmons House.

Shortly after you have expressed interest, you will receive a second email containing a link to access the pre-qualification questionnaire/tender documents.


The closing date for questions is: 12 noon, 19 June 2017.
Submission Tender documents by: 12 noon on 26 June 2017.
Late submissions will not be accepted.

Additional information

  • Islington Council and its partners are committed to work towards a ‘Fairer Islington’, for more information see

  • Please do not include any publicity material with your submissions.

  • Islington Council aims to provide equality of opportunity and welcomes applicants who meet the qualitative selection criteria from black and minority ethnic communities and disabled groups. 

  • The Council encourages all types of organisation who meet the qualitative selection criteria including Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) organisations, Social Enterprises or not for profit enterprises and small to medium enterprises (SME) to tender. 

  • Your submission will be marked in stages. Only applicants who meet the requirements at each stage will progress to the next stage. Further details will be contained in the tender documents.

  • Please include the Contract Number of this tender process when communicating with the Council in any way.

  • All questions relating to this contract should be raised via the question and answer section of the relevant contract on the London Tenders Portal. Please do not contact any officer of the council directly.

  • Applicants are advised that all costs incurred either directly or indirectly in preparation, submission or otherwise related to this advertisement will be borne by them, and in no circumstances will the council be responsible for any such costs. Applicants are also advised that the council at its sole discretion acting reasonably and in good faith reserves the right to abandon the procurement at any stage prior to contract award.

  • As part of a commitment to transparency the council is now publishing all spend over £500 each month. This includes spend on contracts, so the successful contractor should expect details of spend against the contract to appear on the council website The council is also committed to publishing tender and contract documentation after contract award stage. Commercially sensitive information will be redacted from documentation. What constitutes commercially sensitive information is a matter for the council’s sole discretion. However, tenderers will be invited to identify information they consider to be commercially sensitive in their tender return and this will be taken into account in the council forming a view.

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