1415 156 Affordable Workspace Providers Concession

Organisations are invited to apply for inclusion on a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Affordable Workspace Providers.

Current status / Background

The council is committed to supporting economic growth and investment and recognises the role Affordable Workspace Providers can play in the local economy, providing business support and development opportunities to entrepreneurs, small and micro businesses within affordable, flexible workspace.

The offer of Affordable Workspace Providers is wider than just workspace management. Equally important is the provider’s approach to supporting the needs of resident businesses and linking these to Islington Council’s skills and employment agenda.

The requirement

The purpose of the DPS is to compile a list of interested and experienced workspace providers to support local entrepreneurs, small businesses and broader employability initiatives.

Islington Council welcomes applications from organisations who already provide workspace in the borough and from those looking to begin operations in Islington. The council is particularly interested in providers working in some of the borough’s growth sectors and those that support businesses at different cycles of their development - from start-ups to more established businesses in need of workspace.


The DPS will run for a period of four years. Applications to the list will be accepted biannually and when affordable workspace schemes are identified.

When individual workspace schemes come on-line, organisations will be invited to submit a proposal for the specific premises. Organisations not on Islington Council’s DPS will have to complete a DPS application form in parallel with their proposal for the scheme to be considered.


Being on the council’s Affordable Workspace Provider DPS could increase exposure to new business opportunities. However, inclusion on the list does not constitute a contract with Islington Council or guarantee organisations new commissions. It has no direct monetary value in itself.

The value of contracts let under the DPS will vary depending on the location, the fit of the building, the organisation’s support to resident businesses and a number of other factors.

Selection and Award Criteria

The selection criteria for appointment to the DPS are set out in the document below. Contracts under the DPS will be awarded on the basis of criteria set out in the tender documents for each contract.

Procurement process

The list of organisations on the DPS will be publicly accessible and used by council services and developers during the pre-planning application process for developments involving the provision of affordable workspace. It will be regularly updated to ensure it fits the changing requirements of Islington’s economy.

Applications for inclusion on the DPS will be open biannually and when affordable workspace comes on-line. Once on the DPS, organisations will be notified of opportunities to manage new, affordable workspace in the borough as it arises.

Please note that organisations bidding should be aware of financial considerations relating to state aid. Such considerations mean Islington Council envisions organisations applying for inclusion on Islington Council’s Dynamic Purchasing System will likely have charitable or social enterprise aims and objectives.

How to apply

Please download the application form below, which also contains guidance on affordable workspaces, setting out the economic need and detailed policy context.

Submissions should provide information and responses to the Selection Criteria section in the document ‘1415-156 Affordable Workspace Providers Dynamic Purchasing System’ (below).

Submissions should be emailed to and titled ‘Affordable Workspace Provider submission’.

For enquiries please call Pascal Coyne on 020 7527 3371.


The deadline for submissions is 5pm on Friday 16 June 2017. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Additional information

  • Islington Council and its partners are committed to work towards a ‘Fairer Islington’. The council's Corporate Plan 2011- 2015 outlines proposals for creating a fairer Islington by addressing the gaps between rich and poor to make a difference to the lives of those in our community who most need a helping hand. 
  • In keeping with Islington’s commitment to sustainability, please do not include any publicity material with your submissions.
  • Islington Council aims to provide equality of opportunity and welcomes applicants from black and minority ethnic communities and disabled groups. In addition the Council actively encourages Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) organisations, Social Enterprises or not for profit enterprises and small to medium enterprises (SME) to tender as part of its sustainability policy. 
  • Applicants are advised that all costs incurred either directly or indirectly in preparation, submission or otherwise related to this advertisement will be borne by them, and in no circumstances will the council be responsible for any such costs. Applicants are also advised that the council at its sole discretion acting reasonably and in good faith reserves the right to abandon the procurement at any stage prior to contract award.
  • As part of a commitment to transparency the council is now publishing all spend over £500 each month. This includes spend on contracts, so applicants should expect details of spend against the contract to appear on the council website The council is also committed to publishing tender and contract documentation after contract award stage. Commercially sensitive information will be redacted from documentation. What constitutes commercially sensitive information is a matter for the council’s sole discretion. However, tenderers will be invited to identify information they consider to be commercially sensitive in their tender return and this will be taken into account in the council forming a view.

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