Islington Council, working with Basware, has an easy to use e-invoicing service to make sure our invoices are paid promptly.

It’s free and allows you:

  • to track your invoice until it is paid
  • to check that basic information is correct to help reduce delays
  • available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and
  • access via your PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone device.

Basware PAY

We are also offering a new, optional, early payment service on the e-invoicing system called Basware PAY.  This will provide you with a great way to get paid even faster and improve your cash flow.

Basware PAY gives you the option to get paid instantly after your Islington Council invoice has been received and approved. The cost for a transaction is the standard credit card merchant fee, which in the UK is typically 1.99% at the moment.

This means:

  • You get paid sooner because you will not have to wait the standard 30 days payment terms
  • You improve your control over your cash flow
  • You receive cross-border payments seamlessly
  • You will enjoy dedicated support from Basware

To use Basware PAY you only need to register for E-invoicing via the link below, and register for the PAY service.

What next?

Sign up for E-invoicing

To register for Basware PAY, please email

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