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Applying to trade on scattered sites

There are several individual market trading pitches around Islington that we call scattered sites. Vacancies for these locations are rare and when one becomes available demand is such that a selection process is usually required.

Arsenal Emirates Stadium

There are 15 trading pitches and approximately 30 private land licensees trading around the Arsenal Emirates Stadium and traders sell a variety of items from football memorabilia to food.

These licences are only valid for Arsenal first team and international match days and do not include any other events.  

Vacancies for these sites around the stadium are very rare and there are no plans to designate anymore sites in this area. 

Private land

If you wish to sell anything from a front garden of a property to customers on the footpath you need a licence. 

After applying for a licence, we carry out a consultation process that includes: 

  • asking local residents (two addresses either side of the location) to comment on the application 
  • searching the Land Registry to obtain permission from the land owner/freeholder 
  • consulting with local police. 


There are only a few sites for kiosks in Islington. Vacancies for these pitches are rare and at present there are no plans to add more kiosk sites to the borough. 

Application for these sites may require the applicants to attend an interview to present their business proposal.

Please note, kiosks are fixed structures and are also liable for Business Rates


If you are interested in applying to trade on any scattered site, please email

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