Alcohol, entertainment and late-night food licence representation

Please use this form to comment on a new licence application or a variation to an existing licence.

The Council will use the information you provide for the purpose of taking into account your views on a submitted licence application to which you have made representation.

We will share the information with other Council departments, the licence applicant and responsible authorities in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003.

We will always process your information in accordance with the law - for more information on the basis on which we process, use and store your information, please refer to the Council’s Privacy Policy

Alcohol, entertainment and Late-night food licence representation
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  3. We will treat representations as anonymous where there is a genuine reason to do so; if you wish your name and address details to be withheld then please explain the reason

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  6. Should you wish to comment on the licence application, either in support or against, you must refer to one or more of the following four licensing objectives. Please tick the one(s) most relevant to your comment

  7. Please comment on the licensing objectives relevant to your concerns or observations, you may also wish to include suggestions how your concerns could be addressed

  8. Copies of this representation will be sent to the applicant, or their agent/solicitor, including name and address details (but other personal contact information such as telephone numbers and email addresses will be removed) unless you have specifically requested anonymity. Copies of this representation will be included in a report that will be available to the public and will be published on the internet; however the published on-line version of the report will have name and address details removed