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Local Revaluation Relief

Increases to your business rates could be capped if you occupy premises that have a rateable value of less than £100,000.

The Islington Revaluation Relief Scheme uses funding provided by the government to reduce increases in business rates for smaller businesses. This local scheme runs in addition to the government’s national Transitional Relief Scheme.

The rateable value of businesses determines how much Revaluation Relief can be awarded to reduce business rates. After both the Transitional Relief and Revaluation Relief discounts are applied, an increase in rates for businesses in the micro band and small band will be capped at 5% and those in the medium band will be capped at 6%.


Rateable Value


£12,000 to £27,999 (micro)


£28,000 to £59,000 (small)


£60,000 to £100,000 (medium)


Over £100,000






Businesses are eligible for the Revaluation Relief Scheme if they: (i) qualified for the national Transitional Relief on 1st April 2017; (ii) are still trading and (iii) will be liable for rates on the date the award is made.

Although government funding for the scheme runs over four years, rates are likely to increase as there has not been enough funding provided to keep the caps at the same level until 2021.

Revaluation Relief is available to most businesses with a rateable value of £100,000 or less, who are still trading from their premises.  Normally this relief is awarded automatically and is shown on your business rates bill or on a letter that comes with your bill.

If you have not been notified of an award of Revaluation Relief but you think you might qualify please email with your business name and business rates account number and the words “Can you check whether I'm entitled to Revaluation Relief.

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