Affordable Workspace Providers

Affordable Workspace Providers

Do you have experience supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs, or managing workspace facilities? If so, you may be interested in applying to become a preferred Affordable Workspace Provider for Islington Council.

Selected organisations are kept on a publicly accessible list and are notified of development opportunities to manage new, affordable workspace in the borough as it arises.

What do Affordable Workspace Providers do? 

The role of Affordable Workspace Providers is much wider than just workspace management. Equally important is supporting the needs of resident businesses and forging links between businesses and the council’s skills agenda. The council is therefore looking to develop connections with workspace providers that can: 

  • Contribute to the intelligent design of flexible office space and manage facilities

  • Facilitate business support, networking, mentoring and co-working arrangements

  • Work with the council to inform skills development and employment pathways.

Current list of approved affordable workspace providers (last updated February 2018)

Why does the council need a list?

The council is committed to supporting economic growth and investment and recognises the role Affordable Workspace Providers can play in the local economy, providing business support and development within affordable, flexible workspace facilities.

Islington Council has six objectives for establishing and maintaining the list:

  • Increasing the supply of affordable workspace and related employment opportunities

  • Ensuring developers partner with appropriate organisations to deliver affordable workspace as part of their developments

  • Facilitating affordable workspace providers' access to development opportunities

  • Ensuring transparency so that opportunities are available to a range of providers

  • Widening the level of interest and investment by developers and workspace providers

  • Fostering sector-specific support packages not offered by the council.


How to apply

Organisations need to apply to be included on the list, or ‘Dynamic Purchasing System’ (DPS), and submissions are assessed against a set of selection criteria. Applications for inclusion on the DPS open biannually and when affordable workspace scheme arise. Once on it organisations will be notified of opportunities to manage new, affordable workspace in the borough as it arises.

Please note that organisations bidding should be aware of financial considerations relating to state aid. Such considerations mean Islington Council envisions organisations applying for inclusion on Islington Council’s Dynamic Purchasing System will likely have charitable or social enterprise aims and objectives.

  • Applications for this scheme are currently open during April and May 2018. Please contact Sara Zumbado for new applications.

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