Nationality checking service

We can check your application and certify your documents for you if you are applying for British citizenship using the paper form.

PLEASE NOTE- local councils are only able to offer the Nationality document return service until 30th November 2018.

Please do not make an appointment after this date.

The service ensures that:

  • applications for British nationality are correctly completed in line with UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) guidelines
  • all supporting documentation to accompany each application is checked, copied and certified (completed applications are forwarded to The Home Office by registered post)

Having your application checked by one of our experienced team can help reduce delays caused by submitting incorrect documents to the Home Office. It also means you can keep all your original documents such as your passport.

We are unable to:

  • fast track your application through the Home Office
  • act as agents for the application
  • offer any advice on nationality, or advice on other matters such as visas, immigration or asylum
  • guarantee that your application will be successful. The Home Office will consider your application and make a decision
  • check any citizenship application form other than AN and MN1 forms. If you want to submit any other citizenship application form such as UKM, B(OTA), or T, please note that we can copy your documents and send the form and copies to the Home Office, but we are unable to see if the form is correctly filled in or that you meet the requirements. This is because there is no training provided by the Home Office to us to check these forms
  • check an application made online to the Home Office. If you want to make an online application, please see our Nationality document return service page for the service we can offer you

EEA Nationals

All EEA nationals need to have held permanent residence for one year before applying for British citizenship. This means that all EEA nationals must have a permanent residence document issued by the Home Office. In addition to this, if you are not married to a British citizen, you must have held permanent residence status for at least one year.

EEA nationals will also need to provide further proof of residence for whole of the last five years such as P60s, pay slips, letters from employers or tax statements to prove they have been in the UK for the full qualifying period, as their passports are not stamped when they travel within Europe. This is required even if these documents have been previously sent to the the Home Office when applying for permanent residence.                                                    

Joint Citizenship and Passport Service (JCAP)

You are no longer able to apply for your British passport at the same time as your citizenship if you are using the paper AN or MN1 form.

If you want to apply for your British passport at the same time, you will need to apply for citizenship online to the Home Office. Please see our Nationality document return service page for more information.

How the service works

  1. Download the paper application forms from gov.uk. Please note we are unable to check and certify your documents if you use the online application process
  2. Complete the application form using the guidance
  3. Prepare all supporting documents required to accompany the application
  4. Book an appointment for our nationality checking service. All applicants over the age of 18, who are named on the application form are required to attend the same appointment
  5. Attend the appointment with all application and information requirements
  6. We will send your application by secure courier to UKVI

How much does it cost?

The fee for the checking service is:

  • per adult application: £80 (Saturdays £90)
  • per child application: £40 (Saturdays £45)

Full payment needs to be made at the time the appointment is booked.

Please see our full terms and conditions of booking.

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