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Rate Relief

Charities, amateur community sports clubs and non-profit making organisations in Islington can apply for rate relief.

Types of Rate Relief:

Mandatory Rate Relief

Organisations that are recognised as charities for UK tax purposes can claim 80 per cent relief from the business rates if:

  • The charity (or trustees of the charity) is the rate payer, and

  • The charity uses the property wholly, or mainly, for charitable purposes

If the property is unoccupied, the intention must be to use it for charitable purposes.

For charity shops, the charity must use the property wholly or mainly to sell goods donated to it.  It must also use the net proceeds for the purposes of the charity

Discretionary Rate Relief

Organisations that qualify for 80 per cent mandatory rate relief may also apply for discretionary relief for all or part of the remaining 20 per cent of its bill.

If an organisation is not a charity, but has been set up for religious, social welfare, artistic, educational or recreational purposes, and is not run to make a profit, it may be eligible for 100 per cent discretionary rate relief.

Applying for Rate Relief

Mandatory Rate Relief

Contact our Business Rates team on 020 7527 2633 or email

You will need to provide your charity registration number.  

Discretionary Rate Relief

Send an email to our VCS Development team  to receive an application form.

Rateable Value

Although the council is responsible for collecting business rates, the amount that you pay is based on the rateable value of your premises as set by the  Valuation Office Agency. The Valuation Office Agency is a central government department. 

Further Information

Islington Council Community Partnerships 


To find out about business rates, other types of rate relief and the work of the Valuation Office Agency go to the Business Link’s website.

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